Participants are required to submit Youtube links of video recordings for the participation.

Recordings should be a fair representation of the contestants´ abilities but don ´t need to be of a professional quality.

PURPOSE.- The purpose of this competition is to encourage the development of music and culture.We want to contribute providing promising cellists from all over the world with an opportunity to display fruits of their daily study.

JUDGES.- A panel of judges from different countries evaluates and punctuates the video materiales submitted, and the final selections of winners is based solely on the same recordings.Judges are independent and their students are not allowed to play at the competition.

Judges are teachers,orchestra members and concert cellists from Europe.



12 years old and under. 1,2 or 3 recordings of any music period. 5 minutes maximum.

CATEGORY C. Intermediate.

Between 13-15 years old.1,2 or 3 recordings of any music period.6 minutes maximum.

CATEGORY D. Advanced.

Between 16-18 years old.1,2 or 3 recordings of any music period. 10 minutes maximum.


19 years old and open. 1,2 or 3 recordings of any music period. 15 minutes maximum.

Multiple winners can be chosen.

APPLICATION FEE.- There is a fee of 85 EUROS to participate in the competition.

The total fees of all the competitors are to development of the competition, to design the website ,domain name and ads in google or music websites.

There is not any remuneration for the judges.

HOW TO APPLY.- To apply for the competition participants must submit:

- Complete online application form.

- Application fee of 85 EUROS by PayPal. The account is

APPLICATION DEADLINE.- NEW DEADLINE is on 1st, November 2021. Winners will be announced on our website

7th, November, 2021.


From 90 to 100: 1st prize

From 80 to 89: 2nd prize

From 70 to 79: 3rd prize

All the competitors awarded will receive a diploma by email.

All the competitors will receive a feedback from the judges by email.

Feedback: it will be a written masterclass with opinions about your performance to improve your perfomance from at least two members of the jury.


Incomplete applications including failure the pay fees will result in disqualification.

The repertoire provided can not be changed during the competition.

The inscription fee is not refundable.

The judges decision is final and unappeable.

The comments and punctuation of the judges will not be provided (only final feedback).

ProCello International competition reserves the right to make any changes in the rules, schedule and other information related the competition.